Saving the planet one leaf at a time

Nov 06, 2017

Just by knowing what your food is wrapped in and making sure it's biodegradeable already give you green points in the Sustainability scorecard.


Binalot has been around for 20 years and has also reduced the ecological footprint simply by using banana leaves as its wrapper for the popular Pinoy favorites it offers like Tapa, Adobo and Daing na Bangus. Served with a cup of rice and a piece of salted egg and tomato , the food combo is wrapped using natural banana leaves and further wrapped with Kraft paper for delivery.


"If you eat in the store , we put it on banana leaves and on a reusable nito tray ," says Rommel Juan, chief Tagabalot and visionary which started the business after college. That's even less paper used, he continues.


Binalot must have already saved over two million styro boxes or two million cardboard boxes simply by being the Pinoy-styled  quick service food. It's mission to provide Filipino food in environment friendly containers used to be just a "family picnic hangover " for Juan and his partners.  But just a few years later, franchisees  and  customers applauded its style and mission as green and eco friendly have become the buzzwords today.


The franchise model allowed Binalot to share its concept and business format with other entrepreneurs. The brand has expanded to about 40 stores and continues to follow the Pinoy community ,  even expanding to the Middle East by opening a store in Little Manila in Dubai.


Twenty years and two million leaves later, Binalot is still going strong. Now, it is addressing the current vegetarian and healthy eating trend by offering more side dishes like vegetables - Laing and Pinakbet and more fish entrees like Tilapia and Bangus.


One might say Binalot follows the Pinoy lifestyle- what you can usually  eat at home but finding no time to cook-- today's diner will choose healthier and greener options like Binalot . Truly Pinoy and truly naturally-wrapped.


That's a lot of banana trees but as Rommel says" bananas are easy to plant and replace," and whatever you don't use goes back to Nature. Much cheaper and better than processed boxes or starch containers which are now available- banana leaves also preserve the food naturally- the way Nature intended it to be.


Now, how do  you choose your quick service food? Choose one that also takes care of the planet while satisfying that Pinoy home cooked craving.(Nov. 6, 2017)