The reluctant gas boy

Nov 08, 2017

“Honestly, never in my wildest imagination did I think that I’ll be working in a gas station because it’s not really considered as an ‘ideal’ job,” shared Lance Legaspi, a GMBK scholar. “But I have come to believe that I was really destined for this career.”

Coming from a family of eight children, life was difficult for Lance. There were times when his parents weren’t sure where to find food for the family, much less the means to support his college education.

Fate eventually intervened through Lance’s high school principal, who endorsed him to a GMBK scholarship. April Twinkle A. Corral, who at that time was the operations manager of the Shell Station in Davao, interviewed him and administered an exam. The entire process happened in less than four hours and he was deployed at the forecourt for hands-on training right there and then.

Things did not come easy at first, as Lance experienced a lot of challenges. “I was tempted to quit, but I know that my decision might affect future endorsements from my high school, so I persevered instead,” he said.  Lance’s hard work paid off as he eventually rose up the ranks to become forecourt cashier, team leader, forecourt supervisor in-charge, to being currently the cluster’s trainer.

“Being a GMBK scholar is life-changing. I took up Basic Computer and Troubleshooting and it really helps me with my current responsibilities. On a more personal note, it turned me into a more positive person. I learned to be courageous and made myself stronger as I face difficult chapters in my life. It taught me to be even more committed to strive hard and achieve my dreams and be the person my parents would be proud of,” he related. Lance even ended up as one of two forecourt service champions who represented the country in last year’s Smiling Stars Award in Paris, France.