From fisherman to coach

Nov 08, 2017

“I used to live along a coastline in Bohol. My father is a fisherman, my mother is a housewife and I have 3 brothers and 3 sisters. I used to help my father fish during the weekends and every time I had no school,” related Andrelo Centinales, another GMBK scholar.  After graduating high school, he was prepared to live the life of a fisherman.

However, his parents wanted a better life for him and so he was sent to Cebu to find work. He eventually chanced upon a job posting looking for forecourt crew at Shell. Things took a sharp turn from that point on as he eventually became a GMBK scholar.

Right now, Andel is still part of Shell as an onsite coach. “My greatest aspiration in life is to work with Shell abroad, but at this point in time my goal is to help my cluster win the Gold Retailer of the Year,” he shared.