Pride of the pit crew

Nov 08, 2017

Jocelyn Bermoy, meanwhile, is similarly proud of her entry level position at Shell as part of the pit crew. “The words ‘pit crew’ or ‘pump attendant’ may come across as a low level job for many. But this was the job that helped me rise from the ranks. This was also what helped me develop myself,” she said.

Her GMBK scholarship equipped Jocelyn with the skills and the confidence to pursue higher positions and bigger responsibilities in her career. “Shell’s GMBK scholarship is a great program. It helped me set my vision and direction in life. This gave me another opportunity to pursue my studies and finish a vocational course,” she declared.

“Through this program, I gained more confidence in myself. I got promoted, from being a pitcrew to being a cashier, team leader, and now a station supervisor. My family and I are truly happy with what I’ve accomplished in life. I really can’t thank Shell enough for providing this opportunity,” she concluded.