Nov 08, 2017

In support of the global celebration of World Toilet Day, Rentokil Initial, the leading global provider of hygiene solutions, is launching its “Adopt-a-School” hygiene program that aims to spread the awareness of proper toilet and handwashing habits and raise hygiene standards of the Filipino youth.

Rentokil Initial’s “Adopt-a-School” program complements the objectives of World Toilet Day and will be launched with an activity that aims to teach young Filipinos the basics of proper toilet habits, starting off with the students of the Makati Gospel Church New Life Christian Academy, Rentokil Initial’s adopted school.

“We know that the pivot in the mindset towards proper sanitation starts with the young. As such, the event program will particularly focus on helping students learn and develop proper toilet and handwashing habits,” says Rentokil Initial managing director Ederine Gee Geneblazo.

One of the key messages of the activity is “When you flush, cover and wash,” which emphasizes the importance of covering the toilet bowl whenever they flush to avoid contaminating the air and of washing their hands afterwards.

World Toilet Day is an initiative of the United Nations General Assembly and is in line with the Sustainable Development Goals launched in 2015 which include a target to ensure everyone has access to a safely-managed household toilet by 2030.

“Our advocacy complements the World Toilet Day’s aim of addressing the global need for more toilets, because aside from the dire lack of clean toilets in many communities, studies show that contributory to the spread of diseases is improper sanitation and bad toilet habits,” stresses Geneblazo.

During the program, Rentokil Initial officials and health experts will talk about proper toilet habits and handwashing techniques particularly suited for young students. Employees will also be on hand to do handwashing demos with the kids.

As Rentokil Initial’s adopted school, the Makati Gospel Church New Life Christian Academy will be provided with toilet hygiene products for the use of its students and teachers in the school’s comfort rooms as well as literature for the products’ proper use.

“The main reason why we chose the Makati Gospel Church New Life Christian Academy as our first adopted school for this advocacy is because their objectives in toilet hygiene are aligned with our own program objectives,” Geneblazo reveals. “So, it’s a perfect fit,” she adds.

The “Adopt-a-School” program is part of Rentokil Initial’s ongoing global “Better Future” health education program which educates communities in developing countries about the importance of personal and environmental hygiene.

The “Better Future” health education program aims to generally raise the standards of hygiene globally, targeting not only young students but adult employees and families as well.

“As experts in the hygiene industry, we have taken it upon ourselves to further educate the community and its schools by developing a more sustainable information and awareness campaign,” Geneblazo states.

Rentokil Initial is a company that combines the expertise of Rentokil, the world’s leading commercial pest control services provider, and Initial, the world’s leading commercial hygiene services company. Rentokil Initial is currently one of the leading providers of hygiene solutions, offering leading-edge technology, products and services to customers in over 45 countries including the Philippines. (Nov. 8, 2017)