Republic Cement urges private sector to join fight against malnutrition

Jan 10, 2018

  • Republic Cement encourages firms to be more involved in the fight against malnutrition during the #ENDHUNGERSUMMIT2017.
  • President Nabil Francis highlights the success of the first Kusina ng Kalinga in Batangas in reducing incidence of malnutrition.
  • Public sector and private sector urged to work together and create more sustainable solutions to address malnutrition in the Philippines


MANILA, PHILIPPINES – During the recently concluded #ENDHUNGERSUMMIT2017 organized by Gawad Kalinga, Republic Cement President Nabil Francis shared a strong model on how firms can impact communities through sustainable projects, such as its pilot Kusina ng Kalinga in Batangas. 


“Through Kusina ng Kalinga, we are addressing the urgent nutritional needs of children who need it most. More than that, we are also able to educate our partner beneficiaries, encourage community involvement, and create a livelihood,” said Francis. “Our main goal is to impart a sustainable solution to the issue of malnutrition -- not just a dole out or a quick fix, but something that would truly create lasting impact in our beneficiary communities.”  


With the help of Gawad Kalinga, Republic identified Taysan, a remote community in Batangas, as its first partner beneficiary, with its Kusina catering initially to Taysan Central Elementary School, Pag-asa Elementary School, Bilogo Elementary School and Mapulo Elementary School.


The program started with renovating an old dilapidated classroom and refurbishing it to become a full-fledged kitchen, fully equipped with amenities and utilities, in Taysan. Republic also partnered with four elementary schools in the community and conducted workshops for parents, highlighting that proper nutrition begins at home. 


To measure the impact of the program, the students’ body mass indexes (BMIs) were measured in June and November. Below were the results:


In just six months, Republic reported the reduction in malnutrition incidence among its over 700 student beneficiaries from 11% down to 0%. The Republic Kusina serves nutritious lunch meals daily to schoolchildren from Kindergarten to Grade 3 in four schools located in Taysan, Batangas.

With a desire to replicate the success of its Batangas Kusina, Republic is setting up another Kusina in Bulacan in 2018. Furthermore, Republic is also expanding its Batangas Kusina to serve up to 1,500 children daily. 

Francis called on the private and public sectors to continue working together to help address the issue of malnutrition. “There is really a lot more that we can accomplish when we work hand in hand,” Francis said.  

"If we can add little cents to make this world a better place, then we are ultimately investing in the future—this aligns with our vision of building a Stronger Republic”, adds Francis. “After all, stronger kids make for a stronger Republic."

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Republic Cement President Nabil Francis sharing about the company’s successful feeeding program in Batangas during the recently concluded #ENDHUNGERSUMMIT2017


"If we can add little cents to make this world a better place, then we are ultimately investing in the future—this aligns with our vision of building a Stronger Republic”, shares Republic Cement President Nabil Francis.

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